Team 7A Lambda Lions Expectations

7th Grade
Team 7A-Lambda Lions


We are looking forward to a productive and enjoyable school year.  Your child’s success is our primary concern.  We will work together as a team to help your child be successful.  The following information will help your child do well.


  1. The use of cell phones will not be allowed during the school day, except for academic use during class, with teacher permission.  This is a school-wide policy.  Phones should remain off throughout the school day. 


  1. Homework is assigned by all team teachers on a regular basis and must be completed on time.  Homework will not be accepted late unless arrangements are made with the teacher.


  1. After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to see teachers about missing work and complete it.  Assignments and missed assignments can be located on Mrs. Yodis’, Mrs. Davenport’s, Mr. Martello’s and Ms. McGonigle’s websites.  Mr. McHale’s assignments can be located on the calendar tab of the Parent Portal.  Students should expect to stay after school to make up labs, quizzes, and tests.  A student will have one day to make up work for each day of absence, e.g., if the absence is three days, then missing work must be submitted within three days.


  1. Students will not be excused from class if they forget book, homework, or binders in their locker.  It is their responsibility to bring the necessary materials to class.


  1. Our team expects the following behaviors from each student.

*Be on time and be prepared: homework completed, all necessary materials for class work are in class.

*Be in your seat ready to start at the bell.

*One person speaks at a time unless working in groups.

*Treat others as you would like to be treated.

*Take pride in yourself and your work.

*Follow the directions the first time they are given.

*Clean up all materials before leaving class.


  1. Any behavior that does not meet the team’s expectation may result in one or more of the following.

*     After school detention

*     Telephone call to parents/guardians

*     Separation from peers in classroom setting

*     Removal from class

*     A conference with the student and team teachers

*     A conference with student, parents, and the team teachers

*     A meeting with the guidance counselor

*     A discipline referral to the office


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Please contact us immediately with your questions, comments, and concerns.  We are most readily available during our 4th period team planning time (10:31-10:55) if you need to speak with us immediately.  This time period is also good for meeting with us.  Appointments can be set up through the guidance department (461-8822).  Also, you may email us and we will reply as soon as possible.  Each of our e-mail addresses can be found at the bottom of this letter.  All homework assignments, notes, and support materials can be found our individual websites or the parent portal.      


Most important of all, encourage your child to speak with us immediately if there is any problem (need extra help, confusion about an assignment, problems with another student, etc).


We are looking forward to a great year.



Mrs. Davenport, Language Arts & Reading – [email protected]

Ms. McGonigle, Language Arts & Reading-- [email protected]

Mr. McHale, Math – [email protected]

Mrs. Yodis, Science – [email protected]

Mr. Martello, Civics –  [email protected] 

Mrs. Martino, In-class Resource Teacher [email protected]

Mrs. Morales, In-class Resource Teacher - [email protected]

Mrs. Martin, In-class Resource Teacher - ​ [email protected]

Ms. McNally, In-class Resource Teacher - [email protected]


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