Team Rules

Team 8B-Nu Knights

Classroom Rules and Procedures

1.  RESPECT your peers, teachers, and others’ property at all times. 

2.  Come to class prepared everyday.  This includes bringing: your textbook, binder, agenda book, a pen, a pencil, and any assignments that are due.

3.  Come into the classroom orderly and get ready to work.  This includes sharpening your pencil, taking out necessary materials, and sitting in your assigned seats.  Copy down the day’s homework and begin working on the “Bell Ringer” assignment. 

4.  Kindly raise your hand to speak.  Do not speak while someone else is talking.

5.  When you hear a speaker on the intercom, remain silent and listen.  When your teacher is trying to communicate to another adult on the phone, the intercom, or in person, please be respectful.

6.  Please do not interrupt a class lesson to ask to use the lavatory or address any other non-emergency.  Use the sign-in and out sheet with permission. 

7.  Do not get ready to leave or leave before your teacher dismisses you, even if the bell rings.

8.Use designated team times only to go to your lockers!  Plan accordingly and get everything you will need for the following classes or homework since you need to come prepared to class.

9. Stay on task throughout the class period and follow appropriate group work protocol.

10. Cell phone, IPods, and other electronic devices are not permitted to be used in school for personal business.  However, they may be used in class for academic reasons with teacher permission. Please put them away before entering the hallways.